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Bomburu Ella waterfalls

Anyone from our hotel has to travel for 20km to reach Bomburu Ella waterfalls. This waterfall is even known as the Perawella waterfalls. It is located near Badulla and Nuwaraeliya. This is currently known as the widest waterfall in Sri Lanka. Although there are some other small waterfalls located surrounding thud Bomburu Ella. So then the all waterfalls can be seen as a group of waterfalls. The water source comes towards the waterfalls from a lake located in the central Highlands of Sri Lanka. This is a place that is with natural beauty. The travelers called this the most beautiful and mysterious waterfall in Sri Lanka. Although it is known to be a hidden waterfall from the jungle. Most of the time the travelers would like to take a natural bath by the waterfalls. The Bombers Ella is such a nice place for swimming and bathing. The natural pool is made out of the middle of the waterfall. Enjoy swimming very much. About 1.5 km distance has to be passed by the way to reach the top of the Bomburu Ella waterfalls.

Horton plains


Anyone can reach for the Horton plains just passing only 28 km. This is a national park that is located in the Central Highlands. This is located at an elevation of 2300 meters. That is with the montane grassland and even with a cloud forest. The Horton plains consist of highly rich grate biodiversity. Here there are some groups of animals only endemic to this region. That is a popular tourist destination, that would love to reach compulsory. Only 20 km are from Nuwara Eliya to reach the famous traveler’s destination. Horton plains are the place that is the headwaters of the main three rivers. Those are the Mahaweli, Kelani, and the Walawe. The main places that grab the tourists attractions most are the world’s end and the baker’s falls. For nature lovers, this is a perfect place to visit. Here there is a separate bird’s area. So by our place, anyone could be able to travel for the Horton plains too.

Adisham Bungalow

There’s only 15 km from our hotel to this travel destination. Accurately this is located in the Haputale area. Currently, it houses the Adisham Monastery of Saint Benedict. It has a relic (a chip of a bone) of St. Sylvester at the chapel. Therefore it is known as the st. Benedict’s monastery. Initially, the bungalow was made in 1931. Sir Thomas Villiers is the creator of the house. This was made in the Tudor and Jacobean styles. The total land area is about 10 acres. In 1949 it was owned by the Vimala Wihewardene after it sold out. Later in 1961, this was owned by the church and then it converted into a monastery. The bungalow is well preserved and now it has become a place with a wide tourist attraction now. All the local and foreign visitors visit this place. Therefore after reaching our Royal Gemini Mount Resort, you all are able to visit these nearby places.

Lovers leap waterfalls

There’s only 25 km from our place where the lovers leap waterfalls. Anyone who visits here, don’t forget to visit this place. This is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Sri Lanka. It is about 30m high. It is falling over the hard granite ledges. Even it is passing by it’s way to a tank that is collecting water for the purpose of the drinking water. The name of the waterfall is different. There is a story behind the name of the lover’s leap waterfall. That there was a Prince that passed by the way in here. Unfortunately, the Prince has lost his way during the journey. But a damsel came and rescued that Prince. Then later the both of them make a relationship of love. But both of them are not matching. Therefore surely they have to be separated. By understanding that matter, both of them decided to keep their love immortal. With that idea, the two of them have leaped from the waterfall.

Piduruthalagala mountain

This is at a distance of 33km from our hotel Royal Gemini Mount Resorts. After any traveler has visited here, certainly they would visit this place. This is known to be the highest mountain in Sri Lanka. This is observable from the whole central province area. Currently, the peak is known to be the ultra high-security zone. This is an important place of the whole radar system of Sri Lanka. This is strictly off to the public and therefore it is protected by a huge military base.

Dunhinda waterfalls

The Dunhinda falls were known to be one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Sri Lanka. This is located about 5km from Badulla. Although the Dunhinda calls are located on the lower central hills. The total height is about 64 meters. The water source for the waterfall is getting from the Badulu Oya. The name of the Dunhinda, due to the nature of that. The fall gets the name due to the spraying mist surrounding the environment. Dun refers to the mist in Sinhala. The area of the bottom of the waterfall is fully covered with the mist. Although the shape of the mist falling downwards as a wail of a bride. Therefore that is known as the bridal falls even. Aside from that, there are more types of myths associated with the Dunhinda falls. Visitors don’t forget to visit any place that is near to our place.


Nuwaraeliya is the base of the central province. Although it is one of the coolest places in Sri Lanka. The name of the city means for the city on the plain. This is the administrative capital of the whole Nuwaraeliya district. Most of the travelers would love to travel in this area due to the different climatic types. Even it has a picturesque landscape too. Although this is considered the most impressive location for tea production in Sri Lanka. The climate of the Nuwara Eliya became coolest due to the high location in the whole city. In the night times of the winter season, there can be frost. But in the daytime that will be maintained warmer due to the sun rays. That is due to the higher sun angle. There are more attractive places in the town area of the Nuwara Eliya. Victoria Park, Gregory Lake are some places with natural beauty. Horton plains national Park is the base of the tourists’ visits. Therefore travelers won’t forget these places during their journey.


Haputale is a town that is located in the Badulla District Sri Lanka. The Haputale is located at an elevation of 1431 meters. The all Haputale area is rich with biodiversity. The area is fully covered with cloud forests and even it is covered with the tea plantation. Then the surroundings of the Haputale area covered with the more cool places in the surrounding. The Haputale is known to be one of the best-overlooked destinations in Sri Lanka. Here the all of the notable foundations can be found in the Haputale very easily. The old police station, government hospital, railway station, main post office, urban council, and Haputale divisional education office is included in the Haputale. Anyone who visits Nuwaraeliya will reach the following famous tourists destinations even Those areas the Horton plains, Adhisham bungalow, Diyaluma falls, Beragala gap and Dambetenna etc.


Nine Arch Bridge

The nine arch bridge is known to be the bridge in the sky. This is a viaduct bridge. This is the best example of the railway line in the colonial era railway construction. It is located in the Damodara region. As an accurate location that is located between the Ella and the Damodara railway station. This is a region that increases tourist attractions a lot. The tourists’ attraction has increased due to the architectural importance of the bridge. As per the rumors that hearing the bridge has made with cement and only with stone bricks. But that is not made of steel. Anyone who visits here would visit for the nine arch Bridge certainly.

Flying Ravana activities

Flying Ravana adventurous Park is to enjoy with the adventures. If there are any travelers who would like to enjoy the adventurous activities, enjoy with those by here. This is only of place in Sri Lanka to be enjoyed with the activities. This is located in the mid of the luscious green estates of Ella. This contained Sri Lanka’s first-ever mega zip line. The two-line wire zip line stretches up to more than half of the km a length. That will offer the sight of the bird’s eye view. Here the adventurous activities offered by the ATV/quad bike rides, archery, air rifling, and abseiling. That would be the best flying experience anyone could be enjoyed with the visiting here. Although this is the best outdoor experience that anyone can be interested in. Flying Ravana is true, Ella in all its glory.

Ambewela farm

This is another sight that the travelers have to visit compulsory when they have reached up to Nuwaraeliya. This is known to be the little new Zealand farm in Sri Lanka. This is located in a picturesque landscape. This is surrounded by the all greenery environment. The visitors could be able to interact with the animals here. Any visitor could be able to see these animals such as cows and cattles. You can observe these animals by visiting this place. Not only the observations, but the visitors would be able to buy the dairy products from here.


Highland farm and factory

This is another farm that travelers can visit and observe. Here this is even a picturesque landscape that everyone would like to visit. The place is covered with green landscapes. This is a place filled with natural scenery. If you have visited these places, never forget to observe these things. Here are some more travel destinations near our hotel Royal Gemini Mount Resort. The people who visit our place will never forget to visit these places. Surely there would be nature lovers. They will visit all these never missing. Just travel here and try yourselves. Also while traveling don’t forget to maintain the cleanliness of the traveling places. Stay safe.

Ella and Ella rock

Ella is a small town in the Badulla District. It is located in the Uva province. That is governed by the urban council. The Ella region has a cooler climate than the surroundings. The whole area is covered with clouds forests and tea plantations. Actually, this is located about 1041 meters in elevation. The Ella area is not so rich with fauna and flora. But this is rich with high biodiversity.

Reaching up to the Ella area is so easy. Because that lies in the middle of the Colombo – Badulla railway. The 75 th railway station is the Ella by traveling the main railway. It is only 271 km away from Colombo. The railway station consists of only one platform. But all the trains that are traveling via the main railway will stop at this place. The police station, post office, and railway station consist of the Ella small town. As the most interesting places where we can list down so many. Some of these are as follows.

  • Dhowa temple
  • Bambaragala peak
  • Ella rock
  • Little Adam’s peak
  • Ravana Ella falls
  • Nine Arches Bridge
  • Diyaluma falls
  • Ravana cave
  • Mahamevnawa Buddhist monastery

By the following, you will see more about these interesting places.

If there are any travelers that should prefer hiking, this is a perfect place for that task. This is even a perfect place that a Panasonic view can be observable of the whole Ella area. Although currently, this is a popular place that has gained more tourist attractions. Certainly, all travelers who come for this place will reach Ella rock for the hike. Therefore for the travelers who love hiking, this is a perfect place for them to do what they want and enjoy it well.

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