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●Wedding Functions

●Birthday Functions

●Engagement Parties

●Birthday Parties

●Cooperative Events

Gemini Royal Mount Resort

Who We Are

Anyone exploring the proper place for their function? Choose us. We are Royal Gemini Mount resort. We are having all the features for making our customer’s great day fantastic.
Hotel Royal Gemini Mount resort is located in Uva province. The primary location of the hotel is the Welimada area. Here are the special functions corporate by us.

● Weddings
● Homecomings
● Engagement functions
● Birthday parties
● Cooperative events

For these functions, the customers can adjust the features according to their desire. The Gemini Hotel resort is located in a picturesque area. Anyone can reach here just passing 26 km after Nuwaraeliya. Although the Gemini Mount resort is located in a place which is 1157 higher from the sea level. Therefore it is a place with a lower temperature than the other areas in Sri Lanka. Whatever our customers want, we are eligible to perform that as the team of Gemini Royal Mount resort.

Wedding cars

What We Offer

This is a free service provided by us. Arriving of the couple and the farewell of the couple have to be taken apart in the preparation while ceremony. As a hotel service, we do only the necessary arrangements for the wedding ceremony. But we like to perform some extraordinary works beyond our service. That is why we are performing this service. We have many wedding cars here. Therefore customers here can select what they want simply. As stated in the previous paragraphs, this is a fully free service by us. Every customer that plans weddings with us will receive this service free of charge. Just join us to discover such services.

Gemini Floral

What We Offer

Gemini floral will take part in this business. The decorations can be created with a combination of the theme. Initially, the theme has to be selected. In order to choose a theme, the customers can seek help from the experts with us. After selecting the theme only the decorations have to be moved on with that. Surely the customers would be capable of getting a unique design that won’t be found anywhere. For a wedding, the Decorations have to be done in accordance with the selected theme. For a birthday party, the decorations can be selected as the customer’s wish, the birthday theme, or else as the age of the birthday owner. Not only that the other necessary decorations for the meetings will be arranged as the event.

Catering service

What We Offer

We have a very tasty list of meals. Here our customers can eat 100% unique meals that they won’t explore anywhere. Just visit our place once and consume our tasty food. You will request that forever. That the same catering service is applicable for all functions here taking place. The recipes can be selected as the wish of the customers. They can order what they want from us. Customers’ happiness is our happiness too. Here all the catering is supervised by an expert chef. The other supportive team of his is another excellent Mates. Therefore always the customer will receive the best.

Wedding Jewelry

What We Offer

The jewelers will enhance the total functions. Especially all visitors will point their eyes towards the jewelry of the bride. But that is difficult to solve. Sometimes our customers would be in trouble. Therefore we would like to help in this way. We are providing wedding jewelry for you. Therefore our customers would be able to get the required wedding jewelry by here.


What We Offer

Music plays an important role in the function. At a wedding, the music would be just romantic and lovely. Although at the birthday party, the music would be suitable for the age of the birthday owner. If there is another function just like a meeting, the music should be closer to the theme of the meeting. So we have skilled musicians for that task. They will coordinate the whole function by their skill. As the hotel Royal Gemini Mount resort, we will coordinate your functions with the bands and DJs.


What We Offer

As stated in the previous paragraphs, we will guide for all your functions. The hotel Royal Gemini Mount resort is located in a picturesque place with natural beauty. There is no need to explore more other locations for the photoshoots in this area. The surroundings are much better. Although we have skilled and professional photographers for the task. If our customers want just contact them. Gain all in one place.

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